Hair treatments

Hair treatments

Hair loss may have different causes and it concerns both men and women. Contemporary medicine has developed sufficiently to solve this problem. The most common reason for men is androgenic alopecia, which is usually genetically inherited. Often the androgenic alopecia may be reinforced by external factors such as lifestyle, stress, nutrition, lack of vitamins, and general health condition of the body. Hair loss in women may be related to hormonal changes in the body and it concerns both women of reproductive age and those approaching menopause. Very often hair loss is related to increased stress or nutrition deficiencies.


At the hair transplantation and skin health clinic Rubenhair Latvia hair loss is treated by several experienced trichologists. Trichologist is a doctor specializing in hair loss, hair and scalp treatments. Before starting treatment therapy, it is important to establish the cause, because without knowing the cause the therapy may prove to be inefficient. In order to understand the cause, the doctor refers the patient to blood tests, conducts a scalp scrape test, and composes a trichogramma. During a repeated visit after the establishment of diagnosis, the doctor will propose a treatment course based on the results of the previous consultation and tests. This includes the use of medicine and medical cosmetics, recommendations for changes in nutrition and lifestyle, as well as PRP platelet-rich plasma injections. in the hairy part of the head.

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Hair transplant clinic Rubenhair Latvia performs certified and high-quality hair transplants, eyebrow transplants with the manual FUE method. At hair transplant clinic Rubenhair Latvia, all services provided are certified, licensed, and approved in European Union. Our medical personnel is fully licensed, credentialed, and includes medical doctors, nurse practitioners, physicians. Hair transplant clinic Rubenhair Latvia is fully licensed and certified in the European Union and registered in the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia, Health Inspectorate, and Register of Medical Institutions with registration number 010001474.