Hair transplant FUE for women

Hair transplant FUE for women

Undergoing female hair transplants to address hair loss in women is a more complicated decision than it is for men due to hormonal and skin conditions that can affect women’s hair loss and make surgical hair transplants in women unsafe. We thoroughly understand the delicate nature of female hair loss and go to great lengths, including consulting with colleagues when necessary, to ensure that a female hair transplant is only recommended when it is safe and when we believe it is a woman’s best option for treating hair loss.

In the Rubenhair clinic, hair transplant operations are performed by the experienced surgeon, certified hair transplantologist Dr. Andrejs Milčevskis, a member of ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, located in the USA).

Women’s hair transplant procedures

At the hair transplant clinic Rubenhair, we provide a hair transplant for a woman, with a state-of-the-art and technically skilled approach, combined with exceptional artistry, to provide patients with successful hair restoration outcomes that meet and exceed their expectations. Procedures for female hair transplants are unique in contrast to similar procedures for men due to the shape of female hairlines, the diffuseness of women’s hair loss, and the variety of women’s hairstyles. We take each aspect of female balding and desired aesthetic outcomes carefully into consideration before embarking on a customized approach to provide women with hair implants that look natural and beautiful.

It requires an experienced hair transplant team with exceptional technical skills, extensive knowledge of women’s hair loss, and superior artistic vision to create the most natural-looking hair transplant results in women. We are involved throughout every step of the female hair transplant process. We do not hand off or outsource any part of the procedure to a rotating team, as is often done in other hair restoration practices. All hair transplants for women are performed at our surgical centre, allowing for effective sedation to be administered so that patients experience no discomfort during the procedure.

Female hair transplant technique

The shape of the female hairline stands in contradistinction to that of the opposite sex. Instead of a frontotemporal recession of hair like that seen in men, a woman’s hairline descends downward and is rounded, often with a cowlick distinguished by hair angles that point in a distinct backwards-tilting angle. We painstakingly and lovingly recreate every recipient site angle to ensure that the pattern of hair implants in women created coincides with the look of a youthful female hairline. Additionally, we consider factors such as the patient’s age, ethnicity, facial features, head shape, and cause and stage of hair loss experienced to create the most effective two-dimensional and three-dimensional hair restoration results that will age well over time.

During female hair transplant surgery, healthy hair follicles are harvested from areas of dense growth and are implanted in areas experiencing hair loss. This can be rather tricky since female baldness patterns are generally more diffuse than men's. Once implanted, hair follicles grow in the same way as a patient’s natural hair, providing results that blend in naturally with women’s hair growth patterns and hairstyles. It takes approximately 3 – 6 months for transplanted hair to start growing, with the full effect of a female hair transplant generally noticed 12 – 18 months after the procedure. Typically, 95% of all implanted hairs in women will be maintained and will remain permanently in place.

Hair transplant surgery for women may differ from woman to woman in how the hair follicles are extracted from the donor sites. At clinic Rubenhair Latvia we offer follicular unit extraction (FUE), a method that uses manual technology to independently extract hair follicles. For most women, the traditional approach works better since hair does not need to be shaved, the cost can be lower, and the incision is particularly well hidden under long hair. Our team selects the most appropriate harvesting lines for each individual patient and seeks to minimize discomfort and maximize harvest yield while protecting nerves and blood supply to promote better healing. All harvested grafts are meticulously prepared for implantation and expertly implanted to achieve perfect angles, direction, pattern, and graft-to-site fit.

Cost of women’s hair transplants

One question that many women ask is “how much does a hair transplant cost?”. It’s natural for women to be concerned about the cost of a hair transplant and to wonder if it is the best way to combat female hair loss. The fact is that although the cost of a female hair transplant may be higher than other types of hair loss treatment for women if it is deemed as a safe solution for a particular woman’s hair loss, it can be a cost-effective and permanent solution that provides dramatic and successful results. Women’s hair restoration costs can vary greatly from patient to patient, since patterns of women’s hair loss, and therefore steps for treating the extent of hair loss through a hair transplant, differ as well. Female hair transplant costs will depend on the number of grafts required, as well as a series of other factors. It is not accurate to simply discuss what a hair transplant costs in terms of cost-per-graft. At our clinic, we provide initial hair transplant consultations for women to evaluate whether hair transplant surgery is warranted and if so, will discuss the details of hair restoration surgery including hair transplant costs during the consultation.

In the Rubenhair clinic, hair transplant operations are performed by the experienced surgeon, certified hair transplant surgeon Dr. Andrejs Milcevskis, a member of ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, located in the USA).

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery - ISHRS, based in the USA. 

FUE Europe Hair Transplant Society, Switzerland.

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